21 years ago, in 1993, Sanskruti was started by MsFalguni Parekh a Math Graduate and Mamta Shah a Law Graduate. Sharing a common interest for Travel and a strong desire to do something different gave birth to a children’s club ,Sanskruti Club an amalgamation of our love for teaching young adults and our deeply rooted passion for nature and adventure. Today it has metamorphosed into Sanskruti Vacations, with strong founded pillars and mile stones of Sanskruti Travels and Sanskruti Holidays we have marched ahead to achieve our farfetched dreams. It gave us a platform to see the world with a purpose. Looking back 20 Years , we get a sense of pride and intrigue, as we have come long way accomplishing new milestones, and achieving new goals pushing our threshold to explore something beyond.
We understand that connection is the key when dealing with the clients. We would like to consider ourselves as destination advisers, who cuts through the noise and chatter of online reviews and social media recommendations in order to deliver the unique experience of the journey.
Our aim is to expand the travel and tourism industry in the areas of education, culture, sport, medicine, environment and religion with a view towards encouraging dialogue and programs, which contribute to the Peace and Non-Violence for the People of the World.
SanskrutiVacations( A unit of Sanskruti Holidays and Sanskruti Travels) is dedicated to fostering and facilitating tourism initiatives providing complete and composite holiday options to the Indian travelers.
It has been our constant endeavor to capture the imagination and desire of the vast Indian traveling population seeking newer destinations to travel and providing them with the finest and explicit hospitality experience giving value for their money.